Concealed Weapon Permit

Application Process

Applications and paperwork are initiated at the Town Clerk's Office. The permit is issued from the Police Department. It takes approximately 30 days to process the application. Please use the application form from the Windham Town Clerk's Office and refer these instructions. The form from the state site will not be accepted by the Windham Police Chief.

Please review this booklet located on the website:

State of Maine Laws Relating to Permits to Carry Concealed Weapons Handguns   

Requirements & Fees

New applicants must have taken a specified handgun safety course or have their Military DD214 paperwork.   

The permit fees are:

  • New - $35
  • Renewal - $20

We accept checks, cash, and credit/debit cards.  The Town offers the convenience of accepting debit and credit cards for municipal payments.  All major cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express , and Discover) are accepted.  A third-party convenience fee will apply if using a credit card. The fee will be 2.65% of the transaction amount, with a $3.00 minimum. 

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