Hunting & Fishing License

How to Purchase

We can start selling the next year's hunting and fishing licenses on December 1. You can also purchase them online. We sell to any Maine resident, nonresident, or alien. Please bring your driver's license with you.

Purchasing for Others

You may purchase licenses here for others. Many purchase licenses for gifts on occasions such as Christmas or birthdays. If this is the first time for our municipality to issue a license to someone (other than a fish or junior hunt license) we must see proof of either a hunter safety card or a license issued from another municipality or state.

Lifetime Licenses

Complimentary over-70 licenses are no longer available. However, if you hold a complimentary over-70 license you are grandfathered in as long as you continue to keep Maine as your legal residence. 

The complimentary licenses have been replaced with a resident over-70 lifetime license. You may purchase the license anytime during the calendar year you will turn 70. The fee is $8. Once purchased, a resident lifetime license is valid for the life of the holder no matter where they live. The old style license was not valid if you moved out of the State of Maine.  

An over-70 license now automatically includes (for each new year) the authority for:
  • Muzzle loading
  • Migratory water fowl (you still need a federal stamp)
  • Pheasant
  • Spring turkey permit
  • Bear
  • Coyote night hunt
  • Fall turkey permit
You do not need to come in each year to get these anymore.