Town Manager

About the Manager
The Town Manager serves as the Chief Administrative Officer and is responsible for the following:
  • Oversee day-to-day operations of Windham
  • Implementation of town council policies
  • Directs staff in accomplishing town's goals and objectives
  • Ensure community receives desired and mandated services in an effective, cost-efficient manner
  • Prepares budgets

Town Government

Under the Council-Manager Charter of the Town of Windham, Maine ("the Charter") the Town has all the powers and duties that towns may have in the State of Maine and has established a series of roles, responsibilities and relationships for conducting the affairs of the Town.

By adopting a Charter (implemented in 1975) the Town took on the home rule authority granted by Article VIII, Section 1 of the Maine Constitution. This authority allows the Town to govern its municipal and local affairs as it chooses, except to the extent the Constitution or statutes place limits or requirements on its exercise. This is different than the powers of towns which do not have charters; in general, they are allowed only to do what the Constitution or statutes specifically say they can do.

In this outline the review of Charter roles is limited to the:
  • Voters
  • Council
  • Town Manager 
In most instances the language of the Charter has been paraphrased; in others, the plain language of the Charter speaks for itself. This outline does not address other powers and duties the respective parties have under statute.
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