Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Services

The Department administers land use, building, plumbing and electrical codes as well as providing the following:
  • Compliance Inspections
  • Complaint Follow Up
  • Customer Information

Permits and Information

Permit applications are available to download from our website, located to the left-hand side of the screen. 

Building permit information prior to August 2014 is available to view in office during business hours. We request all COVID-19 protocols be followed. 

Building permit information for permits issued after August 2014 is available online through our online system: My Gov. Please use the links below to access our online portal and instructions on logging in and viewing files: 

My Gov Access Instructions

My Gov Permit Files

Following the link on the sidebar "My Gov Contractor Portal" you are welcome to create a user account, download additional information regarding permitting and land use, and file a complaint online. 

Email Permit Submission

We are happy to announce we can now accept applications through our NEW general inbox. Please forward all e-mail submissions to: