Community Service Programs

The Community Service Officer (CSO) is afforded the unique opportunity for an officer to develop and participate in programs that directly influence the citizens of Windham in a more positive way. Law Enforcement can be much more than re-active, but pro-active in the prevention of crime.

The CSO also participates in numerous community committees, is involved with the Windham School System, and has a close working relationship with the Windham Parks and Recreation Department to assist them with several of their programs.

Local Programs

This position provides the opportunity for interaction with citizens to develop programs and educate them on safety and the prevention of crime. These programs include:
  • D.A.R.E Programs
  • Neighborhood Watch
The Maine Chiefs of Police Association in cooperation with the Maine Community Policing Safety Center, developed the Windham Police Departments web page for the Community Safety Center. This web page provides information on various subjects. Programs are presented to various community groups on Women's Safety, Violence in the Workplace and presentations for all of the above aforementioned programs, as requested.

Public Presentations 

If you would like more information on any of programs or would like to have a presentation to your community group, please contact Officer Cyr of the Windham Police Department. He is able to speak about any topic that you feel he can assist you or your group with in the area of crime prevention.