Winter Storm Cleanup

Windham Public Works Department plows, sands and salts approximately 120 miles of road way. Our goal throughout the winter weather is to keep the roadways clear and safe. We want you commuting without incident.

The dump truck vehicles are equipped with sanders for spreading salt and sand, plow blades and wings. All vehicles and equipment have two way radio communications.

Salt, Not Sand

Public Works Departments no longer sands as they used to. Many towns and cities are adopting the Salt Priority program. Sand does not melt snow and ice. If the roadways are salted in the very early stages of a storm, the salt will keep the snow from bonding to the pavement. 

Ideal salt priority programs in Maine involve pre-wetting salt (sodium chloride) with liquid calcium chloride. Pre-wetting the salt will allow it to stick to the road surface and reduce "bounce and scatter" of materials. This allows the pre-wetted salt solution to work at much lower temperatures. Less quantity of material is spread on a road compared to a typical sand/salt program. This allows for cleaner plowing. We use approximately 60 to 120 tons of salt per storm.

Keys To Success

The keys to success with such a program are timing, technology, and training.
  • Timing: to get out as early in the storm as possible.
  • Technology: Investing in the proper equipment to implement the program including temperature sensors, pre-wetting equipment and other necessary equipment.
  • Training: Every municipality should gather as much information as possible regarding winter maintenance.