Driveway Clearing Suggestions

Driveway Clearing Suggestions
We suggest that you clear your driveway in the manner suggested in the diagram. If you will shovel snow in the direction of traffic, and make a pocket next to your driveway as shown, snow accumulation of the plow will drop into that pocket and only a bare minimum will go into the driveway opening. View a sketch showing how your driveway can be initially cleared to reduce the possibility that after the plow passes you will be snow bound again. 

Do Not Shovel Or Plow Snow Into The Road
Citizens clearing out their driveways and leaving snow in the road or piled against the snowbank in the road creating a mess are in violation of State Law 29A MRSA 2396 line four. "A person may not place and allow to remain on a public way snow or slush that has not accumulated there naturally." 

MailboxMailbox Requirements
Mailbox posts must not exceed 4" by 4" for wooden posts, or 2" in diameter for a steel pole or pipe for roadside barrier safety. Posts that are more substantial in construction could be considered "deadly fixed objects". Mailbox post such as concrete, granite, or steel I-beam within the town's right of way could be considered a "deadly fixed object."

We recommend your mailbox be 42 to 48 inches above the ground.
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