How You Can Help

  1. Reduce your speed. Speed is the number one cause of winter accidents.
  2. Please do not park in the roadway or shoulder area during a storm. Our plow trucks need to clear the area in a timely fashion. This cannot be accomplished if they have to keep returning to clean up. In the event of a parking ban, your vehicle would be towed away.
  3. Please do not place any marker posts, or large obstructions within 6 feet of the roads edge. This area needs to be plowed for drainage and space to put more snow from future storms.
  4. Any installation within the highway right-of-way including mailboxes, shrubbery or fences is placed there at the owner's risk. Therefore owners are encouraged to put mail boxes at the maximum usable distance back from the road's pavement.
  5. To help reduce the possibility of broken mail box posts, plow operators are urged to take every precaution they can to avoid hitting mailboxes and the posts. With reduced visibility during a storm it's not always possible for a driver to see a post in time to avoid contact with the wing of the plow.
  6. We recommend a 48" mount height from the pavement to the bottom of the support of your mailbox post with reflectors on the post to minimize damage. Posts should also be checked for deterioration such as rot to reduce the possibility of their being broken off by the weight of snow being plowed.
  7. Do not shovel, snow blow or have a private contractor plow snow into or across the road. This is prohibited by law and can cause serious traffic hazards. It's best to place the snow on the side of your driveway opposite the direction from which the plow is coming to carry snow away from your driveway rather than back into it. See diagram.
  8. Whenever possible, wait until the roads have been plowed before cleaning out the end of your driveway. There isn't any way to plow roads without depositing snow into your driveway. Please understand that the town cannot go back and shovel or plow out the end of any private driveway.
  9. If there is a catch basin or a fire hydrant near your home, or within the vicinity, please help keep them clear. If you notice leaves collecting that will hamper run off, please notify Public Works.
  10. Do not be misled by town trucks riding with their plow and wings up during a storm. They may be going back to Public Works to re-fuel, refill with salt or sand, or perhaps a truck repair.
  11. Ultimately the most helpful thing you can do is show patience and appreciation for the road crew. Snow removal is a grueling and time consuming task. We are a small Public Works Department with limited reserves. Our team works until the job is done.
  12. Most important - If you do not need to go out in a storm, please stay at home.