Planning Board

About the Planning Board

The Planning Board has seven members, and one alternate member.  Members of the board are volunteers, appointed by the Town Council to three-year terms.   

The Planning Board is authorized to review and act on:  site plans for major development; subdivision plans; land use ordinances and zoning amendments; and  some development in a shoreland zone.

Application Forms for Planning Board Review


Planning Board meetings are held on the second and fourth Monday of each month, unless the Monday is a holiday recognized by the Town of Windham, in which case there will be no meeting.

The Planning Board meets at the Windham Town Hall, in Council Chambers. Please make note of our new time.  Meetings begin at 6:30 pm. 

2021 Schedule

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Follow this link to view agendas (Application information is linked within the agenda); minutes; and videos.

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Contact Information

Planning Board members do not have regular office hours and are unable to discuss pending applications outside of advertised Planning Board meetings for legal reasons. Questions and requests for information should be directed to Steve Puleo, Planner.

Written comments to the Planning Board are encouraged and may be submitted to

Planning Board Members

Colin Swan       Term:  February 2024
Kaitlyn Tuttle        Term:  February 2024
Keith Elder, Chair       Term:  February 2024
Marge Govoni     Term:  February 2022 
Michael Devoid  Term:  February 2022
Richard Yost     Term:  February 2022

Vacancy             Term:  February  2021                   
Vacancy, Alternate      Term:  February 2023