Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission: The mission of the Town of Windham, Maine’s government is to provide governance, services, and pursue policies responsive to the needs of its citizens and the public in order to maintain, support, and improve the quality of life in the community.

Vision: The government of the Town of Windham, Maine will be an example of progressive, prudent, goal-focused, and cost-effective public service, flexible in its response to the changing needs of a growing community. It will be an example of conscientious stewardship of public finances, assets, infrastructure, and the public process. The town’s government will foster an environment that encourages civic engagement, openness, transparency, and accountability, to contribute to enriching, enlivening, and valuing every community member.

Values: In its conduct of public business, the public process, the provision of public services, and the care and stewardship of community assets entrusted to its care, the government of the Town of Windham, Maine will demonstrate and exemplify honesty and integrity, professionalism, respect, civility, thoughtfulness, and compassion in its engagement with all constituents, partners, employees, and stakeholders; and openness, transparency, accessibility, equity, and accountability in its stewardship of the town’s finances, assets, infrastructure, processes, and reputation.

(Adopted by the Windham Town Council, Order 14-411, on October 14, 2014.)