Smith Cemetery Committee


The purpose of the Committee shall be to research and explore access and expansion options for Smith Cemetery.  The Committee will recommend a concept plan based on its research of property deed and access information, wetland surveys, engineering concepts and citizen feedback.  


The Committee shall be composed of:

  1. Four (4) members from the community who have specific interests in the development of Smith Cemetery;
  2. One (1) member from the Smith Cemetery Association;
  3. One (1) Town staff member; and 
  4. Two (2) members of the Town Council.

Meetings and Procedures:

The Committee shall select a Chairman from its membership,  except that the Town Council representative shall not be eligible to serve as Chair or Vice Chair.  The Chairman shall have the authority to convene meetings of the Committee, which shall be conducted in accordance with Maine’s Freedom of Access law (1 M.R.S.A. §401 et seq.), with due notice to the members.   The Committee shall adopt such other reasonable rules of procedure as may be necessary for the efficient conduct of its business while allowing for public accountability and due process.


It shall be the responsibility of the Committee at the direction of the Council:

  1. To research and explore property information and right-of-way access, wetland studies, engineering guidance, and citizen feedback;
  2. To create and recommend a concept and plan for the Smith Cemetery expansion with consideration of priorities established by the Town Council; and
  3. To present its concept and plan for the cemetery expansion to the Town Council.

Established by Council Order 20-175 of September 8, 2020.


  • Jarrod Maxfield, Councilor
  • Dave Nadeau, Councilor
  • Vacancy, Town Staff Member
  • James Ross, Smith Cemetery Association
  • Elizabeth Hall, Community Member
  • Tim Dolby, Community Member
  • Vacancy, Community Member
  • Vacancy, Community Member