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North Windham Moves: Regional Mobility, Local Access

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In June 2023, it was announced that the Town of Windham will receive a Federal award of $25 million to help fund the construction of the improvements recommended in the North Windham Moves plan. The RAISE (Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity) Grant application was submitted by the Maine Department of Transportation (MaineDOT) in collaboration with the Town. 

The project will fund the reconstruction of approximately 1.6-miles of US 302 from River Road north to White Bridges Road. The project will include construction of raised center median, turning lanes, utility relocation, right-of-way (ROW) widening to accommodate bicycle lanes, access management measures, new sidewalks on both sides of the roadway, pavement mill and fill overlay, signalized intersections, street lighting, ADA accommodations, crosswalks, and drainage improvements. The project will also include the construction of three new connector roadways, East Connector Road, Middle Connector Road, and West Connector Road behind the regions commercial center to address access management issues and congestion on US 302. In addition, the project includes active transportation, safety, and circulation improvements to State Routes 35 and 115 from Basin Road to Sabbady Point Road.

RAISE Grant Concept Plan

Click Here to view/download the Concept Plan


Final Plan with Appendices (80 MB)

Presentation to Town Council/Public Hearing January 11, 2022: 
Video (start time  57:44), Presentation slides


Draft Plan with Appendices (85 MB)

Presentation to Town Council December 14, 2021: 
Video (start time 2:00:19), Presentation slides

Smaller Files for Easier Download
Draft Report (6 MB)
Appendix A: Concept Plans (Connector Roads) (24 MB)
Appendix B: Concept Plans (State/Local Roads) (16 MB)
Appendix C: Connector Road Corridors (19 MB)
Appendix D: Cost Estimates (0.3 MB)
Appendix E: Traffic Report (4 MB)
Appendix F: Crash Data (7 MB)
Appendix G: Public Outreach (10 MB)

September 29, 2021 Preliminary Recommendations Public Meeting

Presentation and discussion of the study's preliminary recommendations.

Presentation slides
Webinar video recording

Supporting documents discussed at the meeting
Traffic Safety Memo
Traffic Analysis Memo
West Connector Road Layout
East & Middle Connector Road Layout
Connector Road Typical Section
Franklin Drive Intersection Options
Route 302 Short Term Improvements
Center Medians at Boody's Corner

Background Information

The Town of Windham in collaboration with the Maine Department of Transportation (Maine DOT) pursuant to a Planning Partnership Initiative (PPI) agreement has contracted with Gorrill-Palmer Consulting Engineers to perform a North Windham Transportation Study. The study will complement previous planning efforts, including the North Windham 21st Century Downtown Plan, and evaluate potential improvement strategies to improve congestion and safety along the Route 302 corridor. The Study will review previous concepts and make recommendations on access management, frontage roads, changes to lane configuration, additions to the roadway grid, traffic demand management, traffic signal modifications, bicycle and pedestrian access, and the impacts of the proposed improvements to level of service and safety.  

Purpose and Needs Statement

The purpose of this study is to evaluate, analyze and improve local mobility and accessibility for the North Windham downtown district while also providing for safety and mobility improvements for regional users along the Route 302 corridor. The study will consider new local connector roads, access management, and corridor and intersection improvements for all transportation modes.   The primary need is to improve both the local and regional mobility in the North Windham downtown district. The study area currently lacks local accessibility to properties just off Route 302 and Routes 115/35 and suffers from operational challenges including heavy traffic queuing and low levels of service during peak travel times. Incomplete facilities make safe travel on foot or bicycle unattractive and unsafe options. A secondary purpose is to bring all elements of the transportation system into alignment with local land use, economic development, and quality of place goals. Transportation improvements that make it easier and safer to move within and through North Windham will help meet these goals. Recommendations and outcomes of this study will be subject to available local, state and/or federal funding. 

How to get involved?

The project team will be reaching out to the community for input at various key points in the planning process. This will include community meetings in spring and summer 2021. Stay tuned by registering for updates HERE.

Project Schedule

North Windham Moves Project Timeline

Study Area

Study Area_North Windham Moves2

Prior Planning Efforts

Project Documents

• RFP North Windham Transportation Study

• North Windham Study Kick Off Meeting   (presentation slides)

• Scenarios and Narratives 

•May 11, 2021 Public Meeting:
- Presentation slides
- Webinar video

• Survey Analysis

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